Troubleshooting LDAP
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Troubleshooting LDAP

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This section includes the solutions for the most common issues encountered while connecting to or configuring LDAP server. Listed below are some of the errors to help understand why you are unable to connect to the LDAP server and troubleshoot the same.

Error: Unable to connect to LDAP server

Cause: This error is notified when there is connectivity issue with LDAP Server and DNIF console

Solution: Check connectivity between DNIF Console and LDAP server on configured port

Error: Invalid Credentials

Cause: This error indicates that Username or Password used for login is not valid

Solution: Verify the username and password is correct.

Error: Either user does not exist on LDAP or organization sync not updated

Cause: This error signifies that Username does not exist on LDAP Server or sync from LDAP Server is not updated.


Check if the user is present on the configured LDAP.

  • If Yes, DNIF Cluster Admin will have to sync LDAP for the organization user belongs to

  • If No, DNIF Cluster Admin should manually add the user to the organization and then sync LDAP for the organization the user belongs to.

Error: Connection bind error

Cause: This error indicates that the user could not be bound to LDAP Server

Solution: Check the privileges for the specific user trying to connect

Error: Error in connection

Cause: This error indicates that user was unable to connect due to an unknown error

For errors other than specified above, please visit LDAP result code reference documentation.

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