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Syslog Connector can receive logs from various devices and log sources via UDP connection on port 514 of the Adapter


  • Ensure that port 514UDP is open and is not occupied by some other services to enable forwarding of log events.

  • Log in to the server as the root user.

  • Install syslog package, if you haven’t installed it using the below command:

apt-get install rsyslog
  • Edit rsyslog configuration with vim /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf and paste following line below
*.* @DNIF-Adapter-IP:514
  • Save the syslog configuration file.

  • Restart the rsyslog service using the below command

/etc/init.d/rsyslog restart


The following are the configurations to forward Syslog Connector logs to DNIF.‌

Field Name Description
Connector Name Enter a name for the connector
Connector Type Enter Syslog connector
Listener Port Enter the port number at which you want to start the connector
Number of Processes Number of processes to run for the connector
  • Click Save after entering all the required details and click Test Connection, to test the configuration.

  • A Connection successful message will be displayed on screen along with the time stamp.

  • If the connection is not successful an error message will be displayed. Refer Troubleshooting Connector Validations for more details on the error message.

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