Release Notes v9.1.0
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Release Notes v9.1.0

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Release Date: 03/09/2021

What's New?

  1. General Availability of PICO v9.1.0 - introduces support for multiple connectors.
  2. PICO now supports loadbalancing and failover across multiple (>2) adapters.
  3. New Connectors: OneLogin, Orca, AWS Kinesis, GCP PubSub, Netflow, TrendMicro Audit.
  4. New design introduced for Search Block.
  5. Multiline and formatting support added to SQL Block.
  6. Signals listing now support multiple new filtering options.
  7. DQL now supports group timeslice over SIGNALS stream.
  8. [Safety] Ability to modify interactive query timeout. (default: 1h)
  9. [Safety] Auto-Termination of Abandoned Interactive Searches.

What's Changed?

  1. Connected Graphs now exclude noise by deduplicating links.
  2. Integrations has been renamed to Automation.
  3. Tweaks to Visual Representation of Generic Webhook and SSH Integrations.
  4. User Behavior Analytics has been renamed to Entity Behavior Analytics, also provides visibility into Risky Hosts.
  5. Extractor fallback section now allows definition of new generic streams besides OTHER.
  6. Visualizations now preserve order of results and do not auto-sort.
  7. Existing PICO Connector has been renamed to PICO Legacy Connector and will be deprecated in the future.
  8. Added visibility into Queue utilization for PICO and Adapters.
  9. Proxy Credentials support added to Azure EventHub, Azure NSG and GSuite connectors.

What's Fixed?

  1. Long-time known limitation around populating new scopes with latest content has been resolved.
  2. Issues arising from multiple active time windows from PICOs have been resolved.
  3. Issue with high memory utilization due to excessive core workers has been resolved.
  4. Occasional unexpected exceptions while executing searches resolved.

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