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RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. RDBMS is the basis for SQL, and for all modern database systems like MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft Access.

The RDBMS connector fetches logs from the Database server through ODBC or JDBC and forwards to DNIF Core using UDP or TCP client.


Requires atleast Java JDK version-14 to connect database through JDBC. Also, ensure JAVA_HOME environment variable is set.


  1. Clone the helpers repository from github.
git clone https://github.com/dnif/helpers.git
  1. Navigate to RDBMS-Log-Shipper directory.
cd helpers/RDBMS-Log-Shipper/
  1. Run the requirement.sh as shown below:
bash requirement.sh


Create configuration file inside RDBMS-Log-Shipper/config/ directory or in any desired location.

Below is the sample configuration format using JDBC.

    log_source: ""
    query: "select * from TABLE_NAME where {field_name} > {initial_value} limit FETCH_LIMIT"
    field_name: somefield
    initial_value: ""
    connection_mode: jdbc
    connection_string: ""
    classpath: ""
    connection_driver: ""
    user: ""
    password: ""
    dst_ip: ""
    dst_port: ""
    transfer_type: udp

For ODBC, You need to only change the 'connection_mode' to 'odbc' and need to specify proper 'connection_string'. The user, password, classpath and connection_driver fields are not required for ODBC as it is configured in 'connection_string'.

The configuration is divided into 3-sections:

  1. connector_config
    Connector level configurations.
log_source: Enter the log type.
  1. database_config

Database query and connection related configurations.

query: Enter SQL query here.

For Example, select * from TABLE_NAME where {field_name} > {initial_value} limit FETCH_LIMIT

Here, change TABLE_NAME and FETCH_LIMIT in query. Specify 'field_name' and 'initial_value' in below config fields.

Field Name Description
field_name Specify the column name for table. This will be used to maintain bookmarking of logs fetched
initial_value Specify the initial value, to start fetching logs.
connection_mode Specify odbc or jdbc
connection_string Enter proper ODBC/JDBC connection string to the database.
classpath Specify the JDBC driver path. Not required for ODBC.
connection_driver Specify the JDBC driver name. Not required for ODBC.
user Enter database username. Not required for ODBC.
password Enter correct password. Not required for ODBC.
  1. forwarding_config:
    Forwarding configurations.
dst_ip: Enter DNIF Core IP here.
dst_port: Enter port of listener.
transfer_type: Specify udp or tcp.


Run rdbms_connector.py file and pass configuration file as argument to it.


python3 RDBMS-Log-Shipper/rdbms_connector.py RDBMS-Log-Shipper/config/someconfigfile.yml

Check logs in RDBMS-Log-Shipper/log/ directory.

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