• 10 May 2022
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Haltdos connector fetches various types of WAF events triggered for a given Stack and Zone.


  • Stack ID
  • Resource ID
  • API token

How to Create a Stack

  • In order to create a new stack, please contact support@haltdos.com.
  • Once the stack has been issued, the user can view the stack in the Haltdos console. To access your stack,
    • Log in to your Haltdos account.
    • Click on the username at the top right side and click on My Stack in the drop-down menu.


How to get the Stack Id and Resource Id?

How to get the API Token

  • Click on the username at the top right side and click on Profile in the drop-down menu.
  • Find the API Token and save it.


The following are the configurations to forward Haltdos Connector logs to DNIF.‌


Filed Description
Connector Name Enter a name for the connector
Connector Type Enter Haltdos Connector
Stack ID Enter your Haltdos stack id
Resource ID Enter your Haltdos resource id
API Token Enter API token
  • Click Save after entering all the required details and click Test Connection, to test the configuration.
  • A Connection successful message will be displayed on screen along with the time stamp.
  • If the connection is not successful an error message will be displayed. Refer Troubleshooting Connector Validations for more details on the error message.

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