Google Workspace
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Google Workspace

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Imports your Google Workspace logs into DNIF. Upon enabling this integration, the connector uses the pull method to fetch logs from Google Workspace Report API


  • Google Workspace User privileges

The user account only needs to have a role with Reports privilege to collect logs.


Create a Service Account

  • Go to your Google Workspace domain’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Console and sign in with the User.
  • If you haven't used the Console before, agree to the Terms of Service and click Create Project.
  • Enter a project name and click Create.
  • Once the project is created, ensure the Project is selected.
  • Click Menu on the top-left corner of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Console.
  • Click IAM & Admin > Service accounts.


  • Click +CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT and enter Service Account Name and Service Account Description details, click CREATE.

Grant Service Account Access to Project


  • Click Select a Role dropdown.
  • Under All Roles select Project and assign Viewer role.


  • Click CONTINUE and proceed.
  • Click Done


  • Under Actions click ellipses corresponding to the required service account and select Manage Keys.
  • Click Add Key dropdown and then select Create new key.


  • Ensure that the key type is selected as JSON, click Create.
  • A message pops up displaying
    Private Key saved to your computer

Ensure you save the private key downloded.

  • Click Close, the private is downloaded.

Enable APIs for the service account

  • In the top-left corner of the Admin console, click Menu -> APIs & Services -> Library.
  • Search for Admin SDK API and click ENABLE


Enable API permissions within Google Workspace By Super Admin

  • Sign in as the Administrator of the Google Workspace domain (Super Admin).
  • From your Google Workspace domain’s Admin console, go to the Main menu > Security > API Controls.
  • In the Domain wide delegation pane, select Manage Domain Wide Delegation.
  • Click Add New. In the Client ID field, enter the service account's Client ID. You can find your service account's client ID in the json file that was downloaded earlier.
  • In One or More API Scopes field enter the list of scopes that your application should be granted access to. In this case, add “
  • Click Authorize.
  • In the Admin Console Home page, naviagte to Security -> API Reference.
  • Ensure that Enable API access box is selected, click Save. The API has been successfully enabled.


The following are the configurations to forward Google Workspace Connector logs to DNIF.‌


Field Name Description
Connector Name Enter a name for the connector
Connector Type Enter Google Workspace connector
Log Types Select the log types provided by google like admin, login, calendar, chat, meet, etc.
Domain Admin User ID Super administrator account’s User ID
Credentials File Enter the details from credentials.json file, which is downloaded while configuring the reports API
  • Click Save after entering all the required details and click Test Connection, to test the configuration.
  • A Connection successful message will be displayed on screen along with the time stamp.
  • If the connection is not successful an error message will be displayed. Refer Troubleshooting Connector Validations for more details on the error message.

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